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Convert Explorer Favorites to HTML

This one's for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It will convert your Favorites directory into an HTML document which you can give to others or use as a start page. Basically a port of my Rexx script, although I've now added more features to the class than the REXX script. The latest of which use the Dynamic HTML features of Explorer 4.0.

Create a directory and unzip the class there. Source code
To use the command enter the following in a command window in the directory where you saved the class:

jview Favorite path > save.html

Where Path is the location of your Favorites directory e.g. c:\Windows\Favorites
and save.html is the name and location of the resulting document.

Load the file created into Internet Explorer to see the results.

Alternatively, if you are running an HTTP Server, place JVIEW.EXE and the Favorite.class in your Scripts or cgi-bin directory and use the following url:


This should work with Microsoft's Personal Web Server with the default setup.

For the correct appearance of the resulting document, the gif icons need to be placed in an \icons directory.

For ease of use, I've now included a HTML Application front end in the download. Just double-click the Favorite.hta file or create a shortcut to it. (Windows only)

As a result of Microsoft's dispute with Sun, and the resulting discontinuation of the Microsoft Java Virtual Machine, the HTML Application may no longer run as intended on Windows XP or later.
If you install the Sun's JRE, which will become the Microsoft default, the command line version should still operate. (Use java instead of jview in the above examples.)

As a replacement, I have converted the program (yet again) to a C++ Win32 Application.