Still using that Filofax. This may be just the thing for you.

This program prints a single sheet Year Planner for any year, which when trimmed and folded, fits neatly inside that old Filofax. The 12 month plan can start at any month, useful for the academic year.

Events can be included in the plan, both single day or range, optionally recurring annually. Events can be copied between open plans for ease of maintenance. Full Unicode character set is supported for entry and printing.

New in version 4.1: Free format comments can be added to print below the calendar grid in portrait orientation. See sample below.

The output will also scale to match the size and orientation of paper selected.

Sample outputSample output

pdfAlternative layout

Year Planner also runs under Wine on Linux, but with a few visual problems, which do not affect the function of the program. It is hoped these can be resolved in a future release.

Note: from version 4.1, Win9x is no longer supported. Version 4.0.5 is still available, but excludes comment support.